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With the IoT, artificial intelligence and other technologies, combined with its own display hardware advantages,it integrates software systems and intelligent display terminals.Through self-developed systems such as smart clinics, digital wards and remote consultations, it helps hospitals to improve the efficiency of patient visits, improve patient experience, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment policies help digital upgrade of hospitals.

Smart Outpatient System

Solve the problems of medical registration, crowded queues, queue cuts, etc.Install mobile or fixed multimedia audio and video equipment and software to uniformly release and display multimedia information such as queue numbers, expert layout, floor navigation, consultation guidelines, and hospital announcements to guide patients to seek medical treatment in a scientific and orderly manner.

Digital Ward System

Through the ward display equipment, ward calling equipment, electronic ward card, bedside smart TV,ward smart screen and other smart terminals, and the intelligent ward system to create a smart ward system.

Ultra HD Remote Consultation System

Through high-definition real-time video consultation of local and central hospitals, real-time two-way transmission of image data of medical detection equipment, integrated control between pad and consultation terminal,platform management of appointment and consultation equipment is realized, so that the medical image data of patients can be easily switched fromremote locations. The doctor will comfortable and the patients are at ease.



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