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The touch allinone computer truly achieves the integration of touch and control. The  touch allinone computer greatly improves people’s work efficiency. As an input device, the touch allin one has many advantages such as ruggedness, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. As long as the user touches the screen of the machine lightly with his finger, the user can quickly get the information he wants, thereby making the human-computer interaction more convenient.  As a high-tech machine, the touch all-in-one has gradually replaced the status of the pure touch screen, allowing users to truly feel the characteristics of human-computer interaction, which has a good effect on interaction.

The touch allinonecomputer is widely used in related industries, mainly used in the financial industry for business inquiries and related information display, telecommunications, mobile and Unicom business hall business inquiries or product promotions, shopping malls and large shopping malls to promote products. For applications such as inquiries, large-scale theaters are used for video display and movie appreciation, self-service ordering and promotion in the catering industry, and teaching applications can be used in multimedia teaching or combined with electronic whiteboards to achieve multimedia teaching. Besides the above industries, there are many applications that can be used. In the traditional advertising machine industry, the touch all-in-one can display the promotional content more vividly and play a good effect in interaction. The sales of the touch all-in-onecomputer, especially the horizontal touch all-in-onecomputer, has been from the second half of 2013 to the present. In the first quarter of 2014, there has been a qualitative leap. So why more and more customers favoring touch all-in-ones, and what are its advantages?

Let’s start with the basic common sense of the touch all-in-ones. The touch all-in-onecomputer is a set of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies. It can realize public information inquiry. It is equipped with fingerprint readers, scanners, card readers, micro printers and other peripherals, which can achieve fingerprint attendance, swipe cards, printing, etc. Adding related software can realize more auxiliary application functions. Touch screen has four or five-wire resistive screen, surface acoustic wave screen, infrared screen, holographic nano touch film and other excellent touch screens at home and abroad, which can meet the user’s application requirements in different regions and places. However, because infrared touch screens are relatively cost-effective, infrared touch screens are currently the mainstream. The touch all-in-onecomputeris a touch product that bundles the touch screen and related software together with external packaging for query purposes.

The capacitive touch screen does not need mouse and keyboard. Just click or swipe across the screen with your hand to achieve all the operations of the computer, making the computer easier to use. The biggest innovation of the touch computer is that it uses multi-touch technology, which completely changes the way people interact with the computer.


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