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Shenzhen Huaqiangbei innovation brand show, ThinkView all-in-one computer witnessed the whole process, win over fans!

Huaqiangbei Innovative Brands Exhibition Week with Technology, Innovation and Fashion as the main line kicked off on July 31st at Huaqiangbei Pedestrian Street. The event will continue until August 6th.There are three-dimensional drawings and “China core” models corresponding to the theme of the activity on the ground in the field display area.

TheInnovative Brand Exhibition Week combines the business environment of Xinhuaqiangbei District with the “brand product display & communication” model to let the public understand the stylish appearance, practical performance, and creative points of technology products in the business district. It aims to let the public understand the role of  Huaqiangbei, the Asian electronic component trading hub, has accumulated many years of innovation in electronic technology, and now has the wings of intelligence, taking advantage of the Internet, still leading the industry.

The event was hosted by the Publicity Department of Futian District Committee, Futian District Economic Promotion Bureau, Huaqiangbei sub district office and organized by Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce. As a member of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Thinkview Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the event.

In addition to Tencent’s Qrobot robot, flying robot, VR glasses, AR game machine, smart home, smart medical and more than 50 high-tech innovative products. The organizers also invited Cosplay actors to tour the exhibition area, combining the second dimension with technology elements,attracting many young people.

Cosplay actors take photos in front of our booth

 In order to fit the theme of the “Technology, Innovation, and Fashion” event, the products exhibited by Shenzhen Imagination Technology Co., Ltd. in addition to the professional (PRO) version of Pro series 21.5 inch & 23.8 inch. In addition to the 19.5inch, 21.5inch, and 23.8inch  of the Busi series, 27inch and 31.5inch PIO gaming all-in-one pc, 31.5inch curved gaming monitor, and recently developed touch mobile gaming all-in-one pc.

On-site exhibits

With its fashionable and simple product appearance and product performance, the exhibits on display are numerous in this Innovation Brand Exhibition Week, attracting many visitors, showing great interest in the products, and also showing strong willingness to purchase machines, which makes the on-site staff as energetic as the sun in this hot summer.

On-site staff style

This Huaqiangbei Innovation Brand Exhibition Week enables more people to understand the all-in-one computer industry and Shenzhen Thinkview Technology Co., Ltd. through real-time publicity and communication with users,not only get market information and trends, but also display the products and services of the enterprise to users at the exhibition site. And get the first news from the target users on-time feedback of the products, provides an important basis for us to formulate future marketing goals and plans, as well as later new product development.



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