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Shenzhen Head Office:

Shenzhen ThinkView Technology Co.,Ltd

Tel:+86 755 26622080  +86 755 26626060   

Customer Service Hotline: 400-850-2080

Email: info@thinkview.com.cn  


Http:// www.ThinkView.com.cn 

Add4/F,Bldg.A,Xinhui lndustrial Area,Tangtou,Shiyan,Baoan District, Shenzhen City ,China.


Heyuan Manufacturing Base:

Guangdong ThinkMaster Technology Co., Ltd

Tel:+86 762 8888658  +86 762 8888958

Email: info@thinkmasters.cn



Factory Add: Bldg C, Hanke Science&Tech Park, Hudieling Ind Zone, Dongyuan County, Guangdong, China 

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