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With the goal of high efficiency, humanization, simplification and intelligence,by establishing an office intelligentcenter system and intelligent office hardware, let the intelligent center help people to connect all intelligent office equipment in the office space cooperatively, so as to realize the connection between people and equipment, equipment and equipment, achieve mutual coordination as well as improve office efficiency.

Smart Meeting

Through intelligent terminallarge screen, smart conference all in one machine, dimming glass, wireless projection screen and other terminal equipment toconnect smart conference software systems, in order to create a comfortable, efficient, and convenient smart conference experience for clients.


Office Sign Management System

Office management solution is an overall solution for office scenarios, which can realize conference reservation, conference management, station management, visitor management and other functions. Products based on electronic ink screen technology have the advantages of low power consumption and can be installed later, and the complete ecological chain has greatly improved the office experience.

Digital Display System

Relying on face recognition, touch interaction, sound interaction, somatosensory interaction and other technologies,combined with 8K display, flexible display, splicing display,LED, projection, transparent display, digital signage, interactive allinone machine, picture screen and other intelligent terminal products


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