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Based on the cloud computing technology of educational technology service platform, smart cloud teaching realizes the personalized customization according to different types of users, and provides users with a comprehensive education cloud platform integrating teaching, scientific research and management, so as to truly realize the dynamic expansion demand of education.

The smart classroom engine connects the classroom multimedia teaching equipment, all kinds of cloud resource servers, teaching practice communities and teachers’ hardware equipment for preparing lessons. It seamlessly integrates the teaching activities such as preparing lessons before, interacting in class, reviewing after class, teaching exchange, and improving teaching diagnosis, and quickly builds the traditional multimedia classroom into an innovative and enlightening future wisdom Classroom.

Smart Teaching System

To provide teachers with high-efficiency and high-quality teaching preparation, teaching plan management and sharing network teaching application platform, to achieve the integration of teaching, learning and case. The system provides common lesson preparation template, and can upload a variety version of (word, Excel, PPT, etc.) lesson preparation resources and multimedia material resources to complete the lesson preparation, and synchronize to the teaching integrated machine through the curriculum table, to complete the seamless connection from lesson preparation to teaching.

Interactive Class System

For teachers and students in primary and secondary schools, through cloud based lesson preparation, class interactive teaching, class practice, examination and intelligent assessment, personalized learning and other functions, it provides information-based teaching and personalized learning services throughout teaching, learning, practicing, examination, test, assessment and promotion, helps teachers improve teaching efficiency, ensure classroom teaching quality, and improve classroom learning efficiency.

Cloud campus live broadcast

The recording and broadcasting equipment and the Internet realize network teaching and network training.The mode mainly includes direct training content and on-demand training content. The single point push mode is adopted to solve the problems of teachers and students’ study and work synchronously.



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