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At the beginning of the establishment of Shenzhen ThinkView Technology Co., Ltd, the founding team defined the main product as a new type of computer, such as all in one pc, touch all in one pc and gaming computer etc.,which in fact integrate traditional desktop pc with monitor. The computer symbolizes ” Thinking, imagination and human wisdom, the monitor represents “beautiful vision and colorful world” (the world). Therefore, the founding team chose the combination of “Think (Imagination)” and “View(Vision)” as the company brand to expressing our goals and the team vision, as well as the expectation for the long-term development of company and the future of the world.

ThinkView, Think of the World.”


ThinkView ® Brand Strategic Planning and Goals

Create a new Chinese brand of computer and become a leader in the industry.

With the “precision manufacturing, high definition display, high quality, high performance” as the basic feature of ThinkView products.

The core values of the ThinkView is“Creating Value for Customers, Realizing dreams of Employees”.

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